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A Superhero Universe
by H. L. Burke

Once a villain, always a villain?

Optimistic and idealistic superhero Prism is determined to redeem her father’s legacy by rebooting his supervillain rehabilitation program. To do so, she sets her sights on Fade, the relapsed supervillain who was the reason the government canceled the original program in the first place. However, when she petitions for Fade to be released into her custody, she finds out things might not be as simple as she thought.

Convicted of an unforgivable crime, Fade received a choice: surrender to trial and possible execution or endure a memory erasure so he could start fresh. Now with no recollection of his time before incarceration, Fade doubts he has the ability to be anything but the villain the public believes him to be.

A series of attacks by a mysterious power-swapping villain points back to Fade’s past and the crime that cost him his freedom and memory. With her father's legacy and her own reputation on the line, even Prism has to wonder: can a villain truly be reformed?


Start with the short story prequel!

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Want more superheroes? Try the spin-off Supervillain Romance Series, same world, same awesome action, but with all new characters to love! Four Volumes Currently published.


Looking for something for younger superhero fans—or full-grown fans who still love snarky, sarcastic teens, friendship, and found family dynamics—try the Young Adult spin-off series!


Want an easy entrance point to the world? 
The Superhero Romance Project features a series of standalone romcoms set in the SVR Universe.

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