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Release Day: Sisterhood of Magic

Check out this collection of 5 Fantasy Novels featuring strong female characters of all sorts, mages, students, warriors, and more!

The collection includes my novel Beggar Magic. You may have already read that one... but there are four more, so you're covered ;).

If you do get a chance to read them all, we very much appreciate reviews!



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Five powerful women. Five spellbinding novels. Five extraordinary journeys.

Inside this five-novel collection devoted to strong heroines of fantasy, meet a goddess trapped by a human, a djinn on the run, and a mermaid with a diabolical plan. Follow princesses seeking their destiny and friends fighting to save magic itself.

Pick up your copy to embark on fantastic adventures where the bonds of sisterhood and friendship are stretched, hearts risk being broken, and worlds are at stake.


This Cursed Flame

Genie Janan is a misfit in two worlds: not human enough to live with humans, but not djinn enough to be a djinn. Laurelin just wants to get into college. But when an evil djinn brings them together in a world of myth and fairy tales, they may be the only ones who can stop him. Now, faced with an impending magical war and powers darker than Janan ever could have imagined, they must figure out how to work together before both their worlds are shrouded in death and dark magic.

Goddess Ascending

Izlana, goddess of creation, is on her first journey to the human world when she's trapped by a human She seeks help from Marric, a servant who treats her with kindness no others show her in this harsh new world. She’s terrified to realize she’s falling for him, since it’s forbidden for a goddess to love a human. With her feelings just as trapped as she is, she’ll have to learn to live without him, regain her powers, and return home alone. In order to return, Izlana will have to fight her way through the growing war between the humans and the gods. If she fails, more than just her heart is at stake…both the heavens and the earth will crumble.


A vision of a sapphire crown and waves crashing against dark rocky cliffs has brought Merione and her sister Ezabelle to the faraway island of Mulrane in search of a destiny that is worth living. But Ezabelle becomes Queen, everything changes, and Merione must choose between the bonds of sisterhood and a prophecy that will put a new king on the throne.

Beggar Magic

When Commoner Leilani befriends gifted Highmost Zebedy, she is swept into the gilded, magic fueled world of Gelia's upper class. Behind the polished, academic façade of the Highmost manors, the girls run headlong into danger. An unknown force is consuming the musical magic of their world, leaving heartrending silence behind. Leilani and Zebedy attempts at solving the mystery may cost them their friendship, or even their lives.

The Lady and the Frog

Evelyn Havish is through waiting for Henry Kingston to look up from his ledgers and propose. But, when Henry’s brother Jack is transformed into a frog and trapped in a well, Evelyn must join the rescue. Armed with her training as a lady and a solid punch, Evelyn must outwit a scheming heiress, wrestle an octopus, and kiss far more frogs than a girl should be expected to. As she dives deeper into a hidden world of magic, she discovers Jack may not be the one who needs saving.

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