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Realm Makers Chaos Gremlins

Note: Realm Makers Chaos Gremlins specifically cater to in-person attendees of the 2023 Realm Makers Conference (July 13-15). If you aren't an attendee you can still watch #rmchaosgremlins to follow the chaos

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to cause as much harmless havoc as possible!


Remember, you’re a Chaos GREMLIN, not Goblin. Your goal is shenanigans, hijinks, tomfoolery. It is not to cause others inconvenience, irritation, or pain.


Each Chaos Gremlin participant has created two assignments. Your job is to mark as many as possible as complete. There are twenty-two prompts in total. To complete the hunt and get an entry into the giveaway, you need to complete one task per participant (11 total), though you may choose which tasks.


Note: if you post proof of task completion online, tag it #rmchaosgremlin

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