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Upcoming Projects from H. L. Burke 

May 27th, 2023

Accidentally a Supervillain
Supervillain Romance Project #5

Superpowers are a super pain.

The non-powered middle child of a superhero family, Abigail Park has always taken pride in being "the normal one." No flying and throwing power blasts for her, thank you. Just a safe, steady office job, evenings in with her cat, and weekly hot yoga when she's feeling adventurous. Genetics can be cruel.

When Abigail finds herself in the line of fire during a superhero and supervillain standoff, her latent abilities literally explode—blasting the HERO unconscious and catching the eye of sound-manipulating villain Thunderstruck. Threatening to send proof of her "aiding" him to the authorities, he blackmails her into helping him in his next big heist—against her own boss. 

Abigail wants out, but as her antagonistic banter with Thunderstruck turns to something weirdly resembling flirting, the smirking villain hints that his intended target isn't as innocent as Abigail believes him to be. Can Abigail get Thunderstruck to trust her with his secrets or is it all a cover for a more malevolent plan?

If Abigail can't figure this out, she's never going to hear the end of it at family dinners ... if she even manages to make it out alive at all.

Fall 2023

A Superhero Ever After
Superhero Romance Project #2

Tomorrow will be the happiest day of Glint’s life–if he can just get out of today’s time loop to actually live it.
Never stronger in his superhero game and engaged to his beloved Lara, Glint is ready to take on the next stage of his life. 
However, when he wakes up in the bed and breakfast venue they’ve booked for their nuptials the day before the wedding for the second time, the sense of deja vu is undeniable. No one else, not the friendly but quirky innkeepers, his future-in-laws, or even his usually savvy bride seems aware of what’s going on. Glint doesn’t buy into the idea of time loops, but as one repeated day turns to two then three, Glint begins to wonder if he’ll ever actually see his wedding day. 
Something’s holding him in place, and in his experience when something goes wrong, it’s usually supervillains. Could they be lurking within his own wedding party? And what will Lara say if he power blasts her maid of honor through the roof?

Winter 2023

Second Chance Superhero
Superhero Romance Project #3

Once a slacker, now a superhero, but will his ex buy the change?

Ten years ago, Brayden Water's high school sweetheart slammed the door in his face and told him he'd never amount to anything. Floundering, he found purpose first in the military, then by volunteering for genetic enhancements and joining the Department of Super-abled as a full-time hero. Just when everything's looking up, a family emergency summons him back to the hometown he gleefully put in his rearview. And guess who else is back in town? 

Rachel Blum has had it with men in general. A single mom who managed to scratch her way through medical school, she's accepted that she can't depend on anyone ... especially not her sometimes criminal baby daddy, and definitely not her high school ex who has popped up out of nowhere after a decade of radio silence. Dang, though, Brayden's even hotter than she remembered, and there's ... something different about him now, though she can't quite put her finger on what. Could he really have finally gotten his act together? Can she take the risk?

Brayden's bitterness over Rachel's rejection slowly turns to admiration and begrudging affection. But even if he drops the fact that he can now fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes, will she ever see him as anything but a small-town loser? When her son's father starts causing trouble, though, Brayden realizes, she might just need a hero in her life after all.

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