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Upcoming Projects from H. L. Burke 

Summer 2024

SVR Next Generation
Untitled YA Project

The Sable Games, streaming live to millions of superhero fans, the contest to determine the country's next star heroes.

The Department of Super Abled has announced the first-ever teen competition, a multi-stage challenge to find the next great superhero talent ... and Ruby Powell wants in.

The daughter of superheroes, fifteen-year-old Ruby has spent her whole life waiting to be old enough to start saving the day. When the Games are announced, she sees her chance. Step 1, convince her talented but "retired" older brother to lead her team. Step 2, prove herself the most valuable member of her team and win the hearts of the viewing public. Step 3, win the game and set herself up as DOSA's next big thing.

The son of a supervillain, Oliver Shelby has a lot to prove. When he's turned down by every team due to his history of heart issues, though, it looks like he'll be sidelined from the games. The Powell's new, rag-tag underdog team might be his last chance. All he has to do is fudge the paperwork about his extensive medical history and hide the huge surgical scar on his chest. No big deal, right?

Competition is insane, and with some teens willing to cheat for the top spot, Oliver and Ruby's team finds themselves the underdogs. If Oliver's secret gets out, though, will they even be allowed to compete at all?

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