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Spider Spell: an illustrated short story!

December 27, 2019

Young magician's apprentice, Evinrude Tomsin, could never hurt a fly … or a spider.

When his fastidious master finds that Evin's been allowing a spider to take shelter in the potion room, she demands the arachnid's immediate removal. Unable to shove the spider into the certain death of a freezing winter storm, Evin seeks an alternative solution, but one that might have consequences far more serious, and magical, than he ever imagined.

An Illustrated Short Story

Refined: Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Book 4

January 31, 2021

Coming Winter of 2021!


It’s hard to be a hero when crime is in your DNA. 


Over a decade ago, supervillain Fade walked away from his life of crime to join the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project. Now a full time hero with a beloved wife, fellow hero Prism, and treasured daughter, Fade is certain nothing could take him down that dark path again. However, a mystery from his past lies in wait, a mystery tied to a part of his life he’d rather forget.


When DNA evidence reveals that the elusive and enigmatic assassin known only as Syphon is Fade’s biological father, Fade wants nothing to do with the case. Unfortunately, a lot of people--both heroes and villains--want Syphon dead. Fade can’t shake the target this newly discovered connection puts on his own back--and the backs of his friends and family. 

With his life in upheaval, Fade determines that his only chance to fix things is to bring Syphon in himself. Little does he know that Syphon has his own plans for a reunion. Plans that could cost Fade everything he’s fought and bled to create. 

Untitled Puss in Boots Retelling

Young huntsman Spencer is a faithful servant of his king and constant guardian of the blind but adventurous Princess Everly. When the princess travels to a neighboring kingdom to marry their charming prince, the king entrusts Spencer with ensuring his daughter's safe journey. Unfortunately, the true danger to Everly waits for her in the form of her intended groom.

In the safety of his own kingdom, Prince Mykel reveals himself for the bully he is, and terrified Everly seeks help from the only one she truly trusts. Thankfully Spencer is clever enough to help her escape back to her homeland ... unfortunately, he isn't clever enough to escape himself.

Caught by a vengeful sorcerer king, Spencer finds himself cursed to four paws, a tail ... the whole feline package. If he wants to shed his furry form, all he has to do is ensure that Princess Everly marries the king's son. 
The good news, there's a loophole: the king didn't specify which son, so when Spencer discovers Prince Mykel's illegitimate half-brother hiding at the local mill, he thinks he's found his ticket back to humanity without sacrificing Everly's well-being. All Spencer has to do is ensure a hapless miller marries the beautiful princess. Easy when one is a clever cat with an innate sense of style ... 

What might not be so easy is putting aside his own feelings for the gentle princess ... or accepting her marrying a man too feckless to keep track of his own pants.  

Blind Date with a Supervillain

December 18, 2020

Blind Date with a Supervillain: A Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Novella 

Juggling life as a superhero with college and a social life is hard, but Shawn Park, AKA Surge, feels he's killing it. Things look even brighter when he makes a connection with the sweet but shy new barista at his favorite coffee shop. Maybe a guy really can have it all ... but appearances can be deceiving.

Apparition just wants her supervillain father to be proud of her, and she'll do anything to accomplish that: even disguise herself as mild-mannered coffee shop employee Nikki to get close to the superhero he's stalking. However, between his charming smile and kind words, she finds herself hopelessly drawn the good natured Shawn. 

As the chemistry between Shawn and Nikki sizzles, the tension between Surge and Apparition grows. If he finds out the truth, they could be headed for something far more explosive than the average breakup. 

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