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Upcoming Projects from H. L. Burke 

Fall 2022

A Superhero for Christmas
An SVR Universe Novel

When superhero, Glint's, aka Henry Nichols's, powers go on the fritz after a supervillain attack, he finds himself rethinking his priorities. Years of devotion to public service have left him with little for himself, and with forty swiftly approaching, he finds himself longing for his youth on his grandfather's farm. An incognito vacation is just what he needs. 

Former reporter Lara Landis lost her career and her only long term relationship all in one humiliating blow. Broke and rudderless, she retreats to her parents' small town grocery store to try and make one last career rally, but how is she going to get a big scoop living in the middle of no where? When a poorly disguised superhero lands in her neighborhood, insisting that he's just a normal guy, she can't help but smell a story. 

As their chance encounters turn to a begrudging friendship, Lara is surprised to find a caring, sincere human beneath Henry's press-conference ready exterior. When the truth comes out, though, her big story could turn into his worst nightmare. 

Early 2023

Captured by a Supervillain
Supervillain Romance Project book 3

The youngest daughter of an established superhero family, Juliet Park is determined to prove her worth and become the heroine her last name promises she will be--getting captured by supervillains was NOT part of the plan. 

When a mission goes south, Juliet finds herself a captive of the Black Fox Supervillain Syndicate, a dastardly assembly of the nation's worst villains. Juliet's anticipated un-alivening, however, is put on hold when one of their number, the taciturn but watchful Sandstorm, steps up to defend her. While grateful to still be breathing, Juliet has to wonder what the villain's angle is.

After Juliet uncovers the Black Fox's plan to hold cities hostage with doomsday devices in turn for a king's ransom, escape becomes even more essential, but with Sandstorm continuing to stand between her and his villainous associates, she wonders what secrets this villain has. Could he be an ally in her cause or will unmasking this villain reveal nothing but a lurking monster?

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