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Paperback Flash Sale!

So, last year, I stocked up on paperback copies of my books for multiple in person events that I planned to do this year. I think we all see where this is going ...

I have boxes of books that need good homes! They're taking up way too much room in my house.

I've set aside some for donation, but the rest I am offering for sale at a pretty good discount. To get your copy/ies, fill out this form.

Select as many books as you would like to purchase. The copies I have on hand are first come, first serve. While I will do my best to remove books from the form as they sell out, if you request a book that I end up not having enough copies of, I ask for your understanding.

I will invoice you through Paypal for the copies you select and ship them out media mail. Sorry, US Shipping only.

Shipping is included in the prices.

All the prices are intentionally set a little lower than the book's current Amazon listing, but as Amazon sometimes drops prices at random, I'm not making any "specific amount off Amazon prices" claim.

Books can be signed and personalized by request.

If you want to buy multiple copies of any given book (for gifts) you can specify in the "comments" section.

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