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Join the #SnailRace

Heart of the Curiosity (Now available for pre-order) is going to feature an amazing snail circus. It's an awesome opportunity for fame and fortune for any young snail with stars in its eyes.

Do you want your snail to run away to the circus?

Here's how to play.

1. Fill out the form and name your snail.

2. Post about Heart of the Curiosity on social media at any point leading up to release day (June 27th).

3. Use hashtags #snailrace and #heartofthecuriosity (on platforms that support hashtags)

4. Tag H. L. Burke in your post (or send her a link via email at

And that's it!

Each social media post regarding the book moves your snail forward an inch. I'll post a weekly leaderboard on my social media to let people know.

The snail who gets the furthest will win an awesome snail themed prize!

Winner announced on June 28th.

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