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Don't advertise with Book Posterr

Quick "don't use this book promotion company because they have skeevy practices" rant/alert.

For QUITE some time I had been getting regular emails from "Book Poster." You can see an example below. Normally when I do one of these FYI posts, I block out the email address involved because I'm not in the business of sending internet mobs to people's doorsteps even if the people aren't being particularly cool at the moment, but in this case it doesn't really matter for reasons I will detail in a moment, so I didn't.

Anyway, so they email me for a period of some months, I'd say about once a month. The emails have no "unsubscribe" option. Blocking does not do any good because they are not working with a single email. No, they seem to set up temporary gmail accounts, send out a bunch of email, then once enough people (I'm guessing) have blocked them, they'll set up a new email address and then just send the same group another set of emails with the same text through this one.

A few weeks ago, I'd about had it. I actually clicked the link, went to the website, and found their contact form to send them a not mean but definitely hard line email about how this spamming with moving target email addresses was a bad practice and how I would never advertise with a company that did it and stop sending me emails. I got a "we will remove you from our email list" response a couple days later.

Due to the fact that I am posting about this, you probably can guess, that did not last. There WAS about a two week period where I did not receive another email from them ... but that ended yesterday with an identical email to ones in the past, just from a new email address that I had yet to block.

Sooo ... gloves off, going to do a break down of why you shouldn't use this company even if you don't mind their desperate, spammy, probably illegal contact methods:

What they claim to do: they make video ads for books and claim to be able to post them on social media profiles where they boast large follow counts.

Facebook: yes, they do have about 50k followers, but the average post gets no likes, shares, or comments, which is the easiest way to tell that a page has bought or botted the majority of their likes.

Instagram: At this moment, they have a nothing to write home about 799 followers. Most of their posts are sitting at under 10 views. Zero comments/engagements that I can see over the last dozen or so posts.

Twitter: again, high follower count (70k), almost zero engagement ... so again, they are bought and bot.

They have author testimonials posted on their page. I won't say they're fake, but I will say it is very suspicious that plugging the names of those authors into Amazon brings up no verifiable Amazon Author profiles. If you search the authors mentioned on google, I really only get hits for the other sites the same company seems to be running (including one I will include a screen shot of where they mixed up the pictures and names of two of their authors).

I mean, maybe you have a different story where you advertised with this group and saw trackable success ... doesn't make their business practices good, but blunt force marketing has worked before ... but I would be highly suspicious of any company making their claims with their practices.

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