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Random Interview with Michele Israel Harper

Today I am hosting Michele Israel Harper's blog tour for her new release Silence the Siren. She was brave (or foolhardy) enough to sign herself up for my Random Interview. Let us see how she fares against the chaos beyond!!!

Huntress Ro LeFèvre is hired to hunt the sirens who have been sinking the king of Angleterre’s ships, and in turn, vast amounts of his wealth. All who have gone before her have failed.

Fleeing heartbreak, Ro gladly accepts, but there’s just one problem. The king will credit the Marquis de la Valère, and no other women are allowed on the voyage.

Ro will just see about that. Hiring an all-female pirate crew without the king’s knowledge, Ro hopes they will follow her to the Caribbean, not take the gold and flee.

But when Ro is plunged deep into the ocean by the siren she’s being paid to kill, presented the sirens’ side of the story at knife point, and pressed to join them or die, Ro must decide whether to complete her mission, join the sirens, or something in between.

Before the sirens sink the ship full of men above.

The Interview!

Thank you so much for having me today, Heidi! I’m so excited about my new book, and I’m so honored you wanted to be a part of my tour. Let’s do this interview!

  • Congratulations! You are now president of this blog post. What’s your first executive order?

Free books for everyone! :D (Otherwise known as a library, but still.)

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you think your chances are of surviving the zombie invasion?

Okay, so as the world’s biggest scaredy-cat with an aversion to all things scary (who also wrote a book about that, starring my twinsie scaredy-cat Candace Marshall, called Zombie Takeover), I’m not sure I would want to survive! I don’t do scary, and the moment someone jumps out and shouts “Boo!” I’m outta there and not coming back. So I might think I’m some badass warrior chick (and I absolutely would fight for and protect those I love), but if it’s just me? I’m running away from everything scary and holing up in some nuclear shelter until it’s over. So #1, probably.

  • Sum up your life in five words and two punctuation marks.

What the heck just happened!? <<< (true story)

  • When cats take over the world, how do you plan to win their good graces?

Lots of willing rubs when asked, a few computer keyboards for them to lie upon and *think* they’re helping me work, and treats and canned food and catnip galore.

  • If you favorite historical era had an ice cream flavor made in its honor, what would it taste like?

Well this question sent me down a fun but unintended rabbit hole. Since my favorite historical era is ancient Egypt, I immediately thought, there’s no way. Yep, the ancient Egyptians harvested ice that formed via a process called radiative cooling from shallow pools, then stored said ice in ice pits called yakhchāl. Archaeologists found an ice cream cup from 2700 BC that stored crushed ice on one side and cooked fruit on the other. Wow!

So I would call it . . . “Ancient Egyptians really did have everything, didn’t they?”

Felt cute. Might shorten later.

  • You’re the next Disney princess. What fairy tale is your full length movie and how would you use your new ability to control woodland creatures?

YES! I was made for this question! Becoming a Disney princess is one of my life goals! (Ahem, I mean, was one of my goals. As a kid. Just a little ole slip o’ the tongue.)

So I would be a huntress with a cardinal-red cape (possibly named Ro) who protected the masses from fell creatures and was hired by royalty the world over to keep their people safe. I would have a wolf pup I rescued when its entire pack was killed (cough *spoiler* cough), and it would speak for me to the woodland creatures when I needed to find out where evil fae were lurking in the woods. I would have a little cottage deep in the forest, where I would hide from people when I needed an introvert break. But my adventure when I went to fight the sirens is very entertaining! You should read that one while I’m off hunting. ;)

  • For the length of the day, you can replace all the world’s water with one substance of your choice (don’t worry. The sea life will adapt.). What do you choose?

Pomegranate juice. I mean, can you imagine? Cries of “plague” and “it’s the end of the world” and “the sea has turned to blood.” And then, “Oh wait. This is rather delicious.” I’m cracking myself up over here.

  • Vs. movies seem to be all the rage. If you had to put one together, what on-screen matchup would you like to see?

Oh, gosh. What a fun question! Psych vs. Supernatural. Beauty and the Beast vs. Doctor Who. (Hey, it could happen.) Star Trek vs. Star Wars. Um, Twilight vs. Harry Potter? (Okay, I’m starting to think I’m singularly bad at this . . .) I wasn’t as prepared for this question as I thought I was! Supervillain Rehabilitation Project vs. Firebrand Chronicles?

That was so much fun, thank you!

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