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Venn My Books: Episode 4 Circus Phantasm

Here I am again, matching up my book with another Indie Fantasy Book to tell you the similarities … and the differences. Why? Because if you liked my book that has certain things, maybe you want another book that has the same things … so give this one a try.

Since like/dislike is taste-dependent, I'm going to instead focus on specific things that make my book and the other book “book sisters.” Not necessarily book twins (if they were exactly alike, you wouldn't need to read both, after all), but at least undeniably related.

So today I present: Circus Phantasm by Naomi P. Cohen and Heart of the Curiosity by me.

Things you'll find in both:

  • Siblings: In Heart of the Curiosity Leo's major focus is providing a good life for her sister. In Circus Phantasm brother and sister Emma and Nemo run away to the circus together.

  • Magical Entertainment Venues: a traveling circus and a mysterious theater … much show business!

  • A little Romance: both of these are kissing books, though I'd say it's a little more plot central to Heart of the Curiosity.

  • Adorable Animal/Creatures: Heart of the Curiosity has a snail circus, and while you might not think snails are cute, trust me, they are. Circus Phantasm has a baby unicorn and a tricksy bat who may be more than she appears.

Things you'll only find in one or the other:

  • Circus Phantasm has a contemporary, magical beings hidden among us setting.

  • Heart of the Curiosity has a Steampunk setting where everyone pretty much has a little bit of magic and nobody really hides it.

  • Usually this is my thing, but in this case, Circus Phantasm, has a dragon, but Heart of the Curiosity does not.

  • Heart of the Curiosity has a magical bakery you'll probably want to live in.

  • Circus Phantasm has a mermaid fashionista.

  • Heart of the Curiosity has a snail circus.

Circus Phantasm by Naomi P. Cohen

Heart of the Curiosity by H. L. Burke.

(note, those are affiliate links which means if you purchase the ebooks from these links, I'll get a percentage from Amazon. All opinions are my own.)

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