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Venn My Books: Episode 2 Halayda

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Today I continue my series of blog posts about me picking books that have similarities to mine so I can tell you about another book that I think readers of my books might like. Since like/dislike is taste-dependent, I'm going to instead focus on specific things that make my book and the other book “book sisters.” Not necessarily book twins (if they were exactly alike, you wouldn't need to read both, after all), but at least undeniably related.

So today I present: The Star-Fae Trilogy (book one Halayda) and the Spellsmith & Carver Trilogy (book one Magicians' Rivalry) … while I'm specifically referencing the first book in each series, I might bring in points from later books in the series if it suits me (because this is my blog and I can do what I want).

Things you'll find in both:

  • A Steampunk inspired mortal world living on the other side of gateways/doorways from a Fae/Fey kingdom.

  • Fairy Critters of Many Sorts.

  • Snark. Much Snark.

  • Romance.

  • (Especially later in the series) Devoted married couples who fight together rather than fight each other.

  • Dragons

Things you'll only find in one or the other:

  • Spellsmith & Carver has an adorable clockwork fox named Jaspyr (I want one). Halayda does not.

  • The primary focus of the heroine in Halayda is Alchemy, whereas the leads in Spellsmith & Carver are a pair of snarky magicians, and it's kind of a male centered buddy comedy.

  • Halayda has a Pooka. Spellsmith & Carver does not.

  • Halayda is hecka longer.

(note, those are affiliate links which means if you purchase the ebooks f1rom these links, I'll get a percentage from Amazon. All opinions are my own.)

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