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Venn My Books: Episode 1 Misanthrope Beechworth

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

This is the first in what I hope will be a long series of blog posts with me picking books that have similarities to mine (which I think it is safe to assume some of you have read, considering that you are visiting my blog, but if you just stumbled upon this by accident and have no idea who I am or what I write, I will try to fill in the blanks) and another book that I think readers of my books might like.

Since like/dislike is taste-dependent, I'm going to instead focus on specific things that make my book and the other book “book sisters.” Not necessarily book twins (if they were exactly alike, you wouldn't need to read both, after all), but at least undeniably related.

Things you'll find in both:

  • Both these books focus on strong, smart, plucky, sarcastic female heroines who are making the most out of a situation they don't necessarily want to be in (Nyssa being blackmailed into breaking into an “abandoned” mansion filled with booby traps and Missy being stranded in the middle of an unforgiving desert when she, her best friend, and a spoiled rich kid type fall off an airship).

  • Both of the books have a strong Steampunk flare with goggles and gadgets and gears galore.

  • Both of the books involve an on going mystery as Nyssa uncovers the secret of Dalhart Manor and Missy discovers what lies at the heart of the Dustwaste.

  • Both of the books have a strong, humorous element with snark-tastic, sarcastic characters who are constantly bantering.

  • Both books are novella length rather than full-length novels, but both are also part of longer series so you can continue the story later.

Things that you'll only find in one or the other:

  • Nyssa Glass has a sarcastic computer who keeps her company throughout her otherwise isolated journey through the manor.

  • Missy's story has a strong element of friendship (which Nyssa misses out on being mostly alone).

  • Nyssa does get (spoilers) a bit of romance which begins in book one, but blossoms later in the series. Book one in Missy's series, at least, does not have a romantic element.

  • Missy has a robot cat. Nyssa would ADORE one, but she doesn't have one.

  • Nyssa has to fight killer robots. Missy does not. If either of these books sounds like fun to you, click the links below to order them on Amazon!

(note, those are affiliate links which means if you purchase the ebooks from these links, I'll get a percentage from Amazon. All opinions are my own.)

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