To Court a Queen: Blog Tour!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

To celebrate the February 18th launch of To Court a Queen I'm stopping by a bunch of awesome blogs to answer intervi0ew questions and talk about the book, the characters, and whatever the bloggers want to know about.

(Dates subject to change)

January 30th-Book Review

February 1st-Book Spotlight

February 7th Author Interview

February 8th Author Interview/Book Review:

February 9th Character Interview with Sevaine

February 10th Character Interview with Devin:

February 12th Author Interview

February 15th Book Review/Interview

February 17th Character Interview with Devin:

February 19th Guest Post

February 21st Guest Post

February 26th Character Interview with Sevaine:

February 26th Book Review

Also Possible Unscheduled Appearances:

Feature Shout Out:

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