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Three Tails of Cats, Coming Spring 2019

My current project is a collection of three short stories all devoted to the love of cats ... and love itself.

Story 1: "Cap Plays Cupid"—when a pampered feline decides to take his owner's love life into his own paws, nothing will stop him. Not even barky, bitey chihuahuas.

Story 2: "Whisker Width"—an aspiring crazy cat lady gets more than she bargains for when a shelter cat mysteriously appears in her apartment.

Story 3: "The Unfinished Business of Mystie Whiskers"—a recently deceased feline goes to extreme, paranormal measures to ensure her human finds companionship.

I'm hoping to get this to publication this spring. These stories are a little more romantic comedy than my usual fair (though two have magical/paranormal elements), but writing about cats is something that I love doing, so I thought I'd take a break from my usual dragons and magic to focus on felines and romance.

Stay tuned here and on my mailing list for publication updates!

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