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ThredUp and the Writer: Part 2

So, if you like this post and want more of the same ... or if you missed the first post and really need to read things in order, CLICK HERE to check out my previous exploration of ThredUp!

Again, if you are interested in trying this service based on my unbiased (and admittedly snarky) opinion, you can use my referral link to give me a credit (and I think I also get a discount).

Now if you'll remember from last time I tried this box, my end conclusion was that even though I only picked one item out of the whole box, my instinct was that they'd gotten pretty close and if I did another it was likely they'd be able to do even better.

When I opened box #2, it initially seemed like this had proven accurate as my immediate reaction was that there were a lot more items that looked like something I would like (which you can see on my sadly off center video in my Facebook group).

I was excited to see that this time "colorful" had been interpreted with fewer floral prints and more vibrant jewel tones. There were some slouchy looking things and other things of interest, but let's go down the line with the various items from the box with my take on all of them.

The first item I tried on was this top. When I took it out of the box, my first thought was, "This is cute. I like the color and the ribbed fabric, but it's really similar to a slightly lighter blue top that I bought at Costco (where all classy people buy their clothing items) not that long ago)." The two tops aren't identical, but their major difference (the fact that the Costco one was kind of flowy and this one was crazy fitted) was the final blow against blue ribbed top. It was really tight on the chest and I could barely get the dang thing off. Apparently it didn't want to let me go.

Price: $22.99 --which I also consider a little high for a thrifted shirt (only about 50% retail even according to ThredUp which I swear goes by the highest possible price an item could sell for).

Decision: Back in the box.

The second item out of the box I kind of adored when I saw it lying on the bed. I like tunic dresses. I like things with hoods. However the high neck and weird flare sleeves made me look like a Jawa sentenced to hard time.

Price: $19.99 (a tiny bit higher than I would prefer, but cheap enough that I would've kept if I absolutely loved it. Which ... I did not).

Decision: Back in the box.

So this third top was one of the ones I was most excited about just because RED! Then I tried it on, and I really really like it.

Plus when I showed my husband, he said it made my boobs look great... he's a guy. I like when he notices these things.

Price: $17.99 (again, I do feel this is kind of high for a thrifted top, but it's in good shape and I really like it).

Decision: Keeping this one.

This dress is one I'm really on the fence about. I like the color and the fit, but I'm not sure if it's completely flattering figure-wise. Plus the scoop next makes it hard to wear a bra.

Price: $16.99 (This is one of the items I felt was a better deal in the box, which is making my choice a little harder because it feels like "not very much" but I'm not sure I'd actually wear the dress)

Decision: Still thinking about it. Leaning towards keeping.

This item gave me the most amusement and confusion. When I saw it in the box, my first reaction was "ooh, look at those colors and fabrics." Then I unfolded it and got really confused. It's a weird draw string belt skirt. At first I just thought it was meant to be really loose and flowy, but then I checked the tag and the thing is an XL. I'm not an XL. None of the other clothing they sent me was XL.

I believe I used the term "curtain" to describe this thing in my reaction video. I honestly don't even think this would be flattering on someone of a more plus sized figure because it's just so odd, but it's definitely not for me.

Price: $24.99. (They are claiming it's original $99, and it is a lot of fabric...)

Decision: it got some good chuckles, but definitely back in the box.

Two for one here.

First off, the top is cute. It looks a lot like something I would normally wear. I like the buttons on the sleeves and the purply-red color. It's also one of the more reasonably priced items in the box. I am not really sure I need it, though, so I'm torn.

The skirt has pockets. It's kind of cute, but it's a little short for me and kind of wears weird. I didn't feel drawn to it at all beyond the pockets. If it had been a skort, I might've considered it, but a skirt this short just seems like I'd have to be thinking about how I'm sitting too much.

Price: Shirt--$10.99 Skirt--$36.99 (skirt is too expensive for what it is. Again, ThredUp is valuing it at $228 new, and that is certifiably INSANE. It's not all that styled. Simple cut. Not a lot of fabric and the fabric doesn't feel luxurious. Pockets are cool, I guess, but NOTHING about this skirt makes me think it should cost anywhere near that.).

Decision: Skirt is definitely going back in the box. Going back and forth on the top but leaning towards keeping because it's a good price.

This pair of yoga pants was the biggest emotional roller coaster of the box contents.

First sight: Um, I didn't put active wear on my list. I don't need more yoga pants. I'm not keeping these.

Try On: Omgosh, these are probably the most comfortable yoga pants I've ever worn. They are seriously super soft ... what the heck are these made of? Maybe I will keep them.

Price Tag/Sticker Shock: I wouldn't pay that much even for brand new yoga pants, let alone used ones.

Price: $35.99 (Even according to ThredUp their retail price is $45. That's less than $10 off. To me a thirfted item should be at the lowest 50% off if it is like new, maybe even with tags and 75% if previously worn and washed. I am not paying barely discounted prices for an item that someone else has likely worked out in)

Decision: Regretfully, back in the box.

While I liked the color of these shorts, I couldn't even get them on. I apparently need to adjust my sizing so they won't send me size 2 any more. I might've been a size two a couple of years ago, but not right now and I don't think anywhere in the near future.

Pricing: $17.99 (also a little more than I'd prefer for shorts, but not terrible)

Decision: Definitely back in the box plus I need to update my sizing (I swear I put my sizing at 4/6, but if I'm honest right now it's more like 6/8, but I keep telling myself I'm going to start exercising again).

Finally, this kind of cute tank top. It's comfortable. I like the sequins ... but it was another, "I really don't feel this should be as expensive as they are saying it is."

I might pay $10 for a brand new tank top. Maybe as high as $15, but again, used. I don't care if they are saying it was originally $60 (that's just dumb).

Pricing: $11.99 (Too high for what it is. It's basic knit from what I can tell. It's not like it's going to last forever.)

Decision: Back in the box with some hesitation because I got this sexy shot of myself, and I think I look good here.

In conclusion ... I apparently like red.

These are the three items I'm leaning towards keeping. Together they cost $46.97. The most expensive items is actually the one I love most ($17.99 red top). The cheapest is the one I'm the most on the fence about. I'm going to give them all at least one more try on before I decide.

Anyway, if this post has been interesting to you, let me know, and I'll post more.

What do you think? Would you keep any of these? Do you think I'm being too hard on the items I'm sending back?

UPDATE: Decided to keep purply top and bright red top but return the red dress because if I don't suck in my gut, I look preggers.

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