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#SVRSaveTheDay Hero Challenge

The #SVRSaveTheDay Challenge!

Are you ready to save the day with the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project?

From March 1st through the 7th, pick as many of the following assignments as you want to do. Every time you do one, either post on social media and tag me with #SVRSaveTheDay (I will be checking the hashtag) or if you would prefer to do one less publicly, send me a message or email letting me know which you did (including pics if relevant).

Each entry gets you entered into my list from which I will randomly select one daily winner for a small prize (ebook, sticker, bookmark, etc). Each entrant will also be entered into the grand prize drawing for a superhero themed surprise featuring multiple hero themed items for the winner to enjoy (I may even tweak it based on the winner’s favorite superheroes if given the chance). Sorry, due to shipping expenses, the grand prize will be limited to entrants with a US shipping address. Small daily prizes are open to international winners!

Challenges are divided into three categories:

Assemble!—Help H. L. Burke spread the word about Refined and the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project.

With Great Power—Use your superpowers to make life better for someone in your circle, good deeds and small acts of heroism.

Actually I Can—Express yourself! Be creative. Show the world your inner hero!

If you like a challenge, you can repeat it daily for more entries (one entry per challenge per day).

Challenge List:


  1. Tell a friend about the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project (online or in person).

  2. Post about the SVR on Instagram.

  3. Post about the SVR on Twitter.

  4. Post about the SVR on Facebook.

  5. Comment on one of H. L. Burke’s SVR related posts.

With Great Power:

  1. Thank a hero.

  2. Give someone a gift.

  3. Send someone a kind note.

  4. Do a chore for someone.

  5. Pay for someone’s coffee, lunch, etc.

Actually I Can:

  1. Create Superhero related fanart (art defined as any creative output, so anything from a sketch to a haiku).

  2. Dress up as a superhero.

  3. Dress up your PET as a superhero.

  4. Post about your favorite superhero on social media.

  5. Pose for a picture doing a superhero pose.

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