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Spiderspell: A Free Short Story

I've been working on a new short story. It's called Spiderspell, and it's a humorous fantasy tale about a young magician's apprentice who gets over his head with a family of magical spiders.

I'm going to be sending out the story with my next newsletter (going out July 1st), so if you want to be among the first to read it, CLICK HERE to subscribe.

Young magician's apprentice, Evinrude Tomsin, could never hurt a fly ... or a spider.

When his fastidious master finds that Evin's been allowing a spider to take shelter in the potion room, she demands the arachnid's immediate removal. Unable to shove the spider into the certain death of a freezing winter storm, Evin seeks an alternative solution, but one that might have consequences far more serious, and magical, than he ever imagined.

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