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Some things for you to do while staying inside

I was going to do a cover-reveal, ARC opportunity, pre-order announcement for my next book here, but I'm putting that off for a day or two, and linking some resources I've put together if you're stuck at home and are bored.

I hope you enjoy some of them!

Coloring Pages:

I only have two of these, one from Cora and the Nurse Dragon and the other from my upcoming superhero novel Reformed.

You can access them to download and print (as many as you'd like) from this google drive link:

Click here for Reformed.

If you or your kids finish one and you feel like posting it on social media, please tag me! I'd love to see it.


I still have audiobook codes available. There is a limited number so this is somewhat "first come first serve," but if you like to listen to audiobooks, click here and fill out an application.

(I'll close the form when I'm out of codes, so if the link doesn't work, that's probably why).

Various Free eBooks.

The Fellowship of Fantasy has set up an awesome Facebook events for authors to post links to free to download ebooks for your entertainment purposes.

Discount books from Uncommon Universes Press!

Uncommon Universes Press is running a sale where their ebooks are all 99 cents this week. That includes my books: Coiled, Spice Bringer, and Heart of the Curiosity.

Okay, I have a nagging feeling I'm forgetting things ... so if you see an update post later, that's because I did forget a thing, but for now, I hope this provides you with some entertainment options!

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