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Same Book, New Look!

I've been meaning to update this cover for a long time, but when I got an opportunity to share a table with some other authors at Rose City Comic Con (and found out that they are going to have several The Princess Bride cast members as guests!) I really wanted to have this book available for those who were there for stories of Twu Wuv!

The problem? I didn't have a lot of funds (or much time), which meant hiring custom work wasn't a viable option. So what did I do?

I dove into the world of pre-mades and found this awesome cover from Bayou Cover Designs. Isn't it amazing? It fits the feel of the book so well, it's hard to believe it wasn't designed specifically for it.

If you want to get your copy, I have temporarily discounted the book to 99 cents (as well as put it into Kindle Unlimited). You can buy a copy HERE.

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