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Release: Prince of Stars, Son of Fate

The second book in my Romantic Fantasy Duology is now up for pre-order!

I've put it up at a discounted pre-order price of $2.99 (it will go up to $4.99 before it's September 14th launch date). Click HERE to reserve your copy.

(If you haven't pre-ordered book 1 yet, it launches September 3rd. You can reserve your copy HERE.)


So ...

before you go past this point, here is a warning: THE BLURB FOR BOOK TWO SPOILS CERTAIN ASPECTS OF BOOK ONE!!!!

Yeah, you've been warned. I tried to figure out a way to talk about the plot to book 2 without referencing major plot points of book 1, but they are just too intertwined.

So if you scroll past the awesome cat picture, you will be face to face with a blurb that DOES spoil certain aspects of book one, and then book one will be spoiled ... so if you care about that, you might not want to scroll past the awesome cat picture until AFTER you have read book one in the series.

If you don't care, or have already read book one, go ahead, keep scrolling.

Now, here is a collage of Bruce pictures because we all deserve more Bruce in our lives.

So here we go:

The spoilery blurb for book 2:

Prince of Stars, Son of Fate

To save her life, he must forfeit his own.

Prince Kajik of Frorheim has known all his life that he was a mistake. The second, unwanted son of a cold and calculating king, Kay's birth was accompanied by a dire prophecy, that he would bring about the return of the dreaded sorcerer Athan and therefore cause his kingdom's destruction.

When Kay falls in love with the intended bride of his beloved brother, Olyn, his father finally has cause to be rid of him. Banishing Kay from their home upon pain of death, the king proclaims that the Princess Arynne will marry Olyn and unite the kingdom against Athan.

Kay is determined to accept his lonely fate to protect those he loves from Athan's dark magic. However, when he learns that Arynne is in danger, everything within him yearns to save her ... even if such an action will cost his life.

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