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Reborn Cover Reveal (and sale!)

Isn't this cover amazing? Like the rest of the series, the artwork is by K. M. Carroll and the layout is by Jennifer Hudzinski.

Now, as a special treat, I've set up a sale for you!

Book 1 is free while book 2 is 99 cents!


The worst blows come from those closest to your heart.

Idealistic superhero, Prism, has taken the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project to new heights. With her team thriving, her marriage to former supervillain, Fade, blissful, and her first child on the way, the life of her dreams is within reach ... but supervillains never rest.

When a mysterious gang of criminals targets superhero facilities, Prism's team springs into action. However, these villains have a nasty surprise in store for Prism: all its members are already dead … and one of them is a ghost from Prism’s past. One she can’t bring herself to take down.

Faced with an enemy who always strikes for the heart, Prism has impossible decisions to make. Choices that could cost her the things—and people—she cares for the most.

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