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Not-Fashiony Writer Tries Thread Up

I have what I will positively refer to as quirky style. I'm also cheap.

Generally speaking, I like shopping within certain parameters. I prefer thrift stores or places with generous clearance sections. They're both cheaper and I feel more like I'm treasure hunting than shopping.

That said, while I'm very good at knowing whether I like a thing on me, if I don't try it on, I'm very poor about knowing for sure whether it will be flattering, and right now most businesses have their dressing rooms closed, so it's kind of a gamble every time.

I have been buying on Amazon... and returning almost immediately, but while their return policy is generous, it's a really slow way to find one or two good pieces.

So I decided to try Thread Up (not a sponsor or anything, but if you want one here's a referral link.) I figured at least getting 10 items at a time to try on and potentially return would be quicker than one at a time through Amazon.

Anyway, so I got my box today.

Here it is with Theodore.

So anyway, the first thing I pulled out of the box was this gray dress, and for like half a second I was so excited because it's exactly the sort of thing I would wear ... until I remembered it is exactly the sort of thing I would wear which is why I already own two very similar dresses and I don't need another.

The one in the middle is from the box. The other two are mine, one from the Goodwill and the other from a garage sale because I'm classy like that.

That said, this did make me kind of hopeful that they had nailed my style and I'd like the other things, so I continued.

The jean shorts were pretty basic and maybe a tiny bit tight on me. They were also $25.99 which I thought was too much for second hand shorts.

I liked this shirt from this angle but (see next picture)

it had this weird thing where it wouldn't lie right in the back. I do not know why. I kept trying to adjust it, but it wouldn't be adjusted.

If I had kept it, it would've been $17.99

While I actually kind of liked how bold the color is on this one, I think the cut is like, "Hey, did you know you were pear shaped? What would you think about being 'bell-shaped'?"


Would've been $18.99 which was also a bit much for what it was, I think. I mean, sure, Thread Up is like, this thing retails for over a $100, but that's because people are crazy.

This was an almost, but it's not flattering unless I'm sucking in my gut the whole time and I'm too lazy and don't like situps, plus it's not bra strap friendly and those girls don't stay up on their own. Trust me.

$18.99 if I would've kept it.

Another almost, but my first instinct on seeing the print was "wall paper" and it didn't grow on me. I like the cut. I like that it has pockets. Couldn't get past the print.

Would've been $18.99.

I then tried it with the $20.99 wrap ... sweater .. thingy (checks receipt) cardigan. Apparently this is a cardigan.

It did not win me over.

This skirt bit me.

Seriously. The zipper nearly drew blood. I also apparently need to lose a little weight, but I didn't like it even before I tried it on, so the fact that it bit me and then almost didn't let me get out of it was just a nail in the coffin (would've been $28.99 which is also way high for my admittedly bargain shopper tastes).

The shirt was an okay one, but then Matt said it looked like something his mom would wear, and nothing against my mother-in-law, but I can't look like my husband's mom. I just can't. (shirt would've been $22.99)

I've wanted a simple short summer dress for a while, so this is the one thing I decided to keep. Plus, it is super comfortable and only $17.99.

I tried to give the cardigan a second chance, but I was still like, "I think I can find a better deal on something like you at Goodwill."

So ten items.

Two I really liked, but only one I liked but wasn't something I already had.

I kind of sort of want to try again. See if maybe with this input they could get a little closer this time. I don't say I HATE any of these (well, except that carnivorous skirt), but I only wanted to keep things I loved and would be sure to actually wear.

That said, if you want to use my referral link, I wouldn't say no to the $10 credit (click here).

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