My Goose is Gone

I lost my Goose today. My Majestic Tiger Beast, Bruce Wayne AKA BATCAT, lost his battle with Feline Leukemia today and I'm still processing it. He was truly my sidekick, my Flerken. He was always there for me when I was sad. He cuddled my girls when they were sick. He was a blessing in every sense of the word from the moment he just sort of showed up on our doorstep in Pensacola to his last days fighting the sickness that eventually stole him from us. Bruce was my inspiration in so many ways. He made me happy when nothing else could. He was my best boy.

I'm not really looking for sympathy so much as just making a public declaration that I might be a little bit off for a while. I still don't know what life without my Big Orange Boy is going to be like, and I'm just sad.

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