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My Cat is a Super Hero

Your cat is possibly a superhero too. They don't like to let on much. Usually the human pet of the cat is not aware of the cat's true identity, only their mild-mannered alter-ego.

That said, Bruce has made several slip ups that allowed me to catch onto his ruse.

1. His name is Bruce Wayne. This is NOT the best alias for a superhero.

2. He keeps going up to female cats and saying, "Hey, wanna know my secret identity?"

3. He looks EXACTLY like Goose from Captain Marvel. (He may also be a Flerken)

4. He is always sitting on top of high places, watching with a brooding expression on his face.

5. He's adored by many.

Did you know I have an entire page of this website dedicated to Bruce pictures? You can check out the many faces of Bruce HERE.

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