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Mako's Playlist (from Accidentally a Supervillain)

Abigail Park, the main character from my upcoming book Accidentally a Supervillain, has synesthesia that makes music super distracting for her. To control it she's been depriving herself of music for literal years. When her powers tied to this "problem" emerge, she has to learn to control them with the help of likewise sound-powered supervillain Thunderstruck AKA Mako.

Mako's a rocker at heart who just loves music generally. When he hears Abigail has lived a musicless life, he takes it upon himself to reintroduce her to music and makes her a massive playlist.

This is obviously not the whole thing. These are just the songs that get name-dropped in the book (19 tracks currently). In the book he says it is over 200 songs total so I might add on eventually, but figured just listing the songs named in the book are a good start to give you a feel for Mako and his love for music.

Discover the list embedded below (or click here).

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