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Group Hop and Sale!

March 19th through 23rd (2021 in case you are a time traveler or just more likely finding this post sometime in the distant future when the Amazon drones have gone sentient and we're living in a post apocalyptic landscape where only the cats have survived), I'm running a promotion where book 1 in my Supervillain Rehabilitation Project series is FREE and book 2 is just 99 cents! It's a great time to jump into this NOW COMPLETED series (completed does not mean I will not have spinoffs, but the main story line is set).

Searching for your next dragon ride?

Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer you a great selection of dragon adventures.

Come along on the Facebook Fantasy Hop!

Welcome to the Fantasy Hop!

Take this epic journey across Facebook making your way to different Fantasy author groups. As you join, collect the codeword from each group. All of these codewords put together will complete your epic task and solidify your chance for the grand prize. What’s the prize? 25+ ebooks and Amazon giftcard money! Now that seems like a good enough reason to go on this epic quest. Do you accept the challenge? Here is a link to all the groups you need to join:

Here is the form to fill out once you have found all the codewords:

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