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Free Short Story (for Newsletter Subscribers)

I recently finished a fun short story within the Spellsmith & Carver universe. I will eventually be putting the story up for purchase on Amazon for 99 cents, but if you are a newsletter subscriber, I'll be sending a link to a free download of the story in my next email newsletter so you get a free copy! (Click here to subscribe).

Jericho Carver has fought evil fairies and defeated dragons.

He never expected his greatest challenge to be finding the perfect anniversary gift for his beloved wife.

Ten years of marriage merits something flashy and fantastic. At least that's what Jericho's brother-in-law says. Jericho Carver has never been a flashy sort of guy, but to give his wife the magical anniversary she deserves, he will pull out all the stops.

What could possibly go wrong?

A companion short story to the Spellsmith & Carver Gaslamp Fantasy Series.

I had a lot of fun going back to write more Jericho and Auric, and I hope you have fun reading this short story.

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