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About a year ago, I started circling the idea of opening up my Supervillain Rehabilitation Project to other writers. While I wanted (obviously) to maintain creative control over my universe, I knew I had a lot of talented writers among my reader base and some of the discussions we'd had about the directions this world and characters would go made me curious to see what would happen.

So I took the leap, and dang! I got so many great story submissions.

I love the takes on the world and genre present in this collection. My own story takes us back to the earliest days of the Department of Super-Abled to meet a young Kevin Powell, a story I'd longed to tell since Reformed.

If you love superhero stories, though, you NEED this collection. Check it out on Amazon.

The DOSA Files:

Superhero fans rejoice! The DOSA Files: Tales from the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Anthology is launching June 27th. 

If you love epic tales of heroism, humor, and heart, you’ll adore this collection. 

Featuring stories from: H.L. Burke, Sarah Pennington, Amber Gabriel, Karen Eisenbrey, Rena Gail, Jake Tyson, K.M. Carroll, C.O. Bonham, Michelle L. Houston, and Jenelle Leanne Schmidt. 

About the Book:

10 Authors, 10 Stories, Endless Ways to Save the Day!

The Award-Winning Supervillain Rehabilitation Project series expands with this new ten-story anthology of exciting superhero (and villain!) tales.

Enter a world of superpowered heroes... and villains. Of epic adventure and hope.

In this collection you'll find tales of humor, action, and suspense. Meet brave heroes, quippy villains, and desperate vigilantes.

All featured stories are PG or lower, making this a great read for all ages, but especially for fans of superhero fiction, heartfelt moments, and snarky humor.

Featuring New Superhero Stories from Award Winning authors as well as exciting new voices in the genre.

Are you ready to save the day?

Available on Amazon June 27th! Get your copy: 

Check out the other stops on our blog tour (plus a giveaway)!

And let me let you in on a secret: scattered throughout the various blog posts are six clues. Find them all and solve the puzzles to get a secret passcode. That passcode will give you entry to this form: 

One lucky puzzle solver will win a mini-paperback library of titles from our authors (US shipping only).

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Don’t forget: once you’ve solved all the clues and discovered the passcode you can enter to win one of two epic prizes here: 

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