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Cover Reveal: REFINED

Art by KM Carroll. Layout by Jennifer Hudzinski

Refined: Supervillain Rehabilitation Project, Book 4

It’s hard to be a hero when crime is in your DNA.

Now a full time hero with a beloved wife and treasured daughter, former supervillain Fade is certain nothing could take him down a dark path again. However, a mystery from his past lies in wait, a mystery tied to a part of his life he’d rather forget.

When DNA evidence reveals that Fade’s biological father is the elusive and enigmatic assassin known only as Syphon, Fade wants nothing to do with that mess.

Unfortunately, Fade can’t shake the target this newly discovered connection puts on him—and the backs of his friends and family.

Fade's only chance to fix things is taking down Syphon himself.

But Fade’s long absent father has his own plans for their reunion.

Plans that could cost Fade everything he’s fought and bled to create.

Refined is the FINAL book in the series (though I have some related but non-linear spinoffs planned)

Don't the covers look so awesome together?!?!?


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