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April Update

There's a LOT going on in this newsletter, so here's a list you can check off if you don't want to miss anything:

  1. I finished another book (beta read slots open)

  2. Last Call for DOSA FILES Submissions

  3. Epic Fairy Tale Promo

  4. Audio/Storytelling Podcast Story Reading

  5. Alaska Re-Cap

  6. A Chicken

Okay, let's get started.

New: The Sable Games

Earlier this week I wrote "The End" on the first draft of my latest Superhero Book. I'm returning to Young Adult fiction for this one with three teen characters who are all children of previous characters featured in the universe. It's kind of a sports book, about teen superheroes competing in a competition and overcoming obstacles, facing catty rivals, and making new friends and connections.

I am looking for beta readers for this book. If you think you'd be about to read 100k words of superhero fiction in 2 to 3 weeks (from today, April 6), reach out to me and let me know. I'd love to get your feedback on the book. 

Also, the name of this book and the title of the new series it starts are still a little up in the air.

Working title is The Sable Games, but I'm also considering Game On, Team Up, and Legacy. 

Series name could be SVR Next Gen, Supervillain Legacy Project, or SVR Legacy ... Or if I wanted to be super punny and keep the SRP initials of the other series Supervillain Relative Project :P. 

Which do you like best? Leave a comment and let me know.

Last Call for Submissions

Submissions for the DOSA Files, Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Universe Anthology CLOSE April 30th. 

All submissions must be received by midnight (PDT) on this final date. Find Out More.

Epic Fairy Tale Promo

Check out this awesome collection of Fairy Tale Retellings! So many to choose from. If you like your once upon a times and happily ever afters, we've got you covered. Check it out.

Finding Fantasy Reads

The Finding Fantasy Reads podcast featured my short story, At the Corner of Elm and Main, recently. Take a break and listen to this epic audio short. Listen here.

Me in Alaska

In March I flew up to Kodiak Alaska to take part in their Fan Con event. It was an amazing convention, very small, but with a lot of heart. (The fact that I was their special guest speaks a little to how small it was 😛).

It was a whirlwind trip, so we didn't have a chance to do much tourism stuff. Matt went Kayaking while I was at the con. We went on a hike. We ate amazing sushi (which doesn't seem very "Alaskan" but when you've got fish like they have, it's amazing). 

At the con I did a talk on taking and giving critiques, partook in a TTRPG session, and talked to a lot of readers and maybe future writers.

With these cons I kind of look for the people who I am there for, and whether it's teens who want to talk writing, the younger kid who has never got a book signed by an author before and is holding it like a treasure, or an enthusiastic creative who gets excited by sharing about their ideas and hearing about yours, there's always someone. 

I do hope I can get up to Alaska again when I have more time to explore. It's super gorgeous up there. 

So, the chicken...

I posted this story on Facebook, but you're not all on there, so I thought I'd share it here.So Coryn is in our community passion play. It's kind of a thing. Three different performances over three days. She's a crowd member and is one of the women who questions Peter about knowing Jesus. So the thing about community theater... it's community theater.

And apparently SOMEONE was like, 'Hey, ancient Judea has chickens. I also have chickens." So like four extras were carrying chickens. For some scenes I can kind of see it. You're running around Jerusalem on the way to market, you hear there's a shindig over at Pontius's place, you go attend the trial of Jesus with your emotional support chicken.

However, the chickens remained. Like one of the weeping women at the cross was carrying a chicken.

Then one of the crowd members was holding a chicken and it tried to take out her nose stud. Claire says the chickens are probably paid actors. I am a fan of the chickens. Like, you do not get this sort of stuff in a Hollywood production.

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