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Announcing Blind Date with a Supervillain!

Juggling life as a superhero with college and a social life is hard, but Shawn Park, AKA Surge, feels he's killing it. Things look even brighter when he makes a connection with the sweet but shy new barista at his favorite coffee shop. Maybe a guy really can have it all ... but appearances can be deceiving.

Apparition just wants her supervillain father to be proud of her, and she'll do anything to accomplish that: even disguise herself as mild-mannered coffee shop employee Nikki to get close to the superhero he's stalking. However, between his charming smile and kind words, she finds herself hopelessly drawn the good natured Shawn.

As the chemistry between Shawn and Nikki sizzles, the tension between Surge and Apparition grows. If he finds out the truth, they could be headed for something far more explosive than the average breakup

Blind Date with a Supervillain launches in December!

If you would like to pre-order it, CLICK HERE!

If you are a book reviewer who would like to apply for a free copy, CLICK HERE!

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