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Call for Submissions:
DOSA Files: Tales from the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Universe, Volume 2

Call for Submissions:
DOSA Files: Tales from the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Universe, Volume 2

Call for submissions:
Are you a reader of H.L. Burke’s Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Universe book?
Would you love to write in the universe?
Do you have a great idea for a superhero short story?
This upcoming anthology opens up the SVR world to new writers.


Volume 1 of the DOSA Files launched June 27th, 2024 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. It is currently available in paperback and ebook and will be produced as an audiobook later this year.


Now I’m putting out a new call for submissions for volume two! I want to see your epic hero stories.

Looking for
5k-10k word short stories taking place in the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project Universe.
Content level G to light PG-13 (no f-bombs, gory violence, explicit scenes.)
All taking place within the world of the Supervillain Rehabilitation Project books

Authors of Accepted Stories Get:
$30 for first publication rights.
1 Free paperback copy of the anthology
The ability to order additional copies at wholesale cost as long as the anthology remains in publication.

Note about Rights:
While authors will retain the republication rights, I do require that any mention of proprietary IP (characters, institutions, specific events) related to the SVR stories be removed from the rewrites before republication. Original characters and scenarios will remain the property of the writers.

Submissions and Inquiries can be sent as an email attachment to hlb @ hlburkeauthor .com
Please use the subject line: DOSA FILES Submissions
All submissions must be received by Midnight (Pacific) on December 31st, 2024.

Why am I doing this?
Since I first conceived of the SVR series back in 2019, it has grown into a sprawling universe with a lot of room to “play.” It has also developed a devoted following of readers, many of whom are talented authors and creative storytellers in their own right.
After fielding several comments from people who would like to write in the universe or who are interested in also getting into Superhero Fiction but don’t know where to start, I thought, “Hey, why not do this thing.”

I had hoped at the time to get three our four really good stories submitted, but instead I was blessed with almost triple that!


Now that I know there are epic authors out there willing to write in this world, I don’t see a reason to stop doing these anthologies. The world needs more awesome, original superhero tales.

I also will write a brand new SVR story to include in this collection, so there WILL be an H.L. Burke original included in this anthology.

So, are you ready to save the day with me?
Suit up, sables!
-Heidi/H.L. Burke

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